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Let's Chat

  1. In what order should I read your books? Since this is a series, you may want to start with the first one, Where Fallen Secrets Lie and then Fallen Secrets Die

  2. When will your next book be released? I'm currently working on it. Sometime next year, hopefully before May.

  3. How did you start writing? I initially wanted to write a book in 2004 with a friend. That never happened. Years later, I decided to take the leap and just do it. After the first book, I was on to the next. I'm enjoying this creative process and learning as much as I can. 

  4. How many books are in this series? That's a great question. My mind will decide. The creative juices get the flowing and they don't stop. I will know when I know. 

  5. Are any of your books going to become movies? Hopefully. That would be amazing to see on screen. Just the thought of it gives me chill bumps.

  6. How did you choose your genre? Interestingly, it chose me.

  7. How do I receive updates or news of any events or releases? Please subscribe! 

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