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Where Fallen Secrets Lie

July 2020

While facing death at an upscale restaurant, Mya Hunter, a successful hedge fund manager, meets Felton Manning, businessman, who soon becomes the love of her life and a walking ghost. Mya's skeletons remain hidden from Felton but with secrets of his own, she quickly learns his ugly truth. She has high hopes for their life together and expects him to meet her needs before she reveals her true identity.

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Fallen Secrets Die

October 2021

Mya’s life is complicated and so is her body. After being forced into a secret society where she remembers absolutely nothing about her assignments, she becomes reliant on a microchip to survive. Her most important assignment hasn’t been completed, partly because it involves her best friend’s mom, Marla, so she questions everything. Marla’s got her own secrets. Her family’s one of a kind and is on a mission to control the world.


No One Ever Dies

September 15, 2022

It's finally here!  To understand the secrets, trauma, and love, you must understand the beginning. The beginning starts with Where Fallen Secrets Lie. Follow the journey of Mya, Felton, Marla, Anna, Tank and all of the other characters. Explore the many dynamics within the family and the world within. Only on Amazon. -- Don't forget to leave a review!

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"Writing is the therapy I never knew I needed."


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